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18 Best Record Stores in America

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18 Best Record Stores in America

Here is an article from HiConsumption, a magazine based out of San Diego in which Vinyl Daze Records & Sound is featured! Check it out!

“Ask any music fanatic circa mid-2000s regarding the relevance of vinyl and they most likely would have scoffed at the notion of a revival. It was a bad time for independent record stores. Mom n’ Pop shops were locking up left and right for the last time as listeners continued to migrate away from analog in favor of digital. File sharing replaced trading and bartering, and we began to witness the onslaught of online piracy. Today, this almost feels like a horrific dystopia straight out of an audiophile’s nightmare. However, it wasn’t all that long ago. Napster, founded in 1999, set the stage for our transference to file sharing in the world of music, enabling a myriad of music files to be downloaded free of charge, anywhere, anytime. This was shortly followed by the likes of Kazaa and Limewire that took seeding and downloading music a step further still. Flash forward to 2006, and vinyl sales had hit their lowest point in history with a mere $36 million in sales.”

HiConsumption.Com 10-2016 best record stores in america

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