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Newly restored Pioneer PL-530

newly restored Pioneer PL-530

Newly restored Pioneer PL-530

At Vinyl Daze Records & Sound we are all about the vinyl and the gear that tracks it. This bad boy is a newly restored Pioneer PL-530 from the late 70’s that plays like a dream. If you are looking for an old-school, fully automatic quality player, then this is the one for you. Don’t want to venture back 40 years? We also sell new players from Music Hall and Audio Technica. As far as the records go, they are flowing in at a rapid pace and we are processing them as fast as we can. The best way to check out the new arrivals is to see them, hold them and listen to them. Pictures and videos may be worth a thousand words, but experiencing an album is “where it’s at”, and “where it is at” is at Vinyl Daze Records & Sound!

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